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Top Questions

What is the Freeform app?

Why did you change your name?

Which devices are supported?

Is there an extra cost to access the features of Freeform?

When I'm watching live, why doesn't the programming match what's on my TV?

Can I access Freeform if I'm traveling or away from home?

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Will you still air ABC Family programming?

Does this name change mean my favorite shows are being canceled?

Do I need cable or satellite to watch Freeform?

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Verify TV Provider

How do I sign out of my TV provider on Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick?

How do I sign out of my TV provider on Roku?

Signing in to current TV provider

How do I sign out?

Why am I getting an error with my Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick device?

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Video Playback Requirements

Why do I need to enable Javascript? How do I do this?

Why do I have to accept cookies? How do I do this?

How to Chromecast or Airplay to my TV

Which web browsers are supported?

Issues with Chromecast?

Why can't I get the live stream?

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Video Playback Issue

Authorization Error 012-1206-403 on locked content or live streaming

Video playback stalls or is choppy

Why am I getting an "Out of the country" error message?

Is there a Customer Service number I can call?

How can I fix my blurry video?

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Freeform Programming

Watching Freeform shows and movies

What is Disney+?

What movies are on Freeform?

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Player Features

Can I resume playing a full episode video from where I left off?

How do I clear my watch history?

Is closed captioning available?

How can I watch videos in full screen?

Can I stream my iOS device to my Apple TV using AirPlay?

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My List

What is My List?

How do I add or remove a show to My List?

How do I Continue Watching an episode?

How do I Continue Watching an episode on Apple TV?

Why did a show automatically appear in My List?

Does the Freeform app support iCloud syncing between iOS and tvOS devices?

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Member Services

What are the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies for

Managing my Freeform account

How do I modify my Freeform Newsletter Preferences?

What benefits do I get by creating a Freeform account?

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